Numark V7 DJ Controller

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 Numark V7 DJ Controller

The Controller for todays DJ

Recently, the most popular DJ supply stores have been designing their equipment for “today’s” working DJ. What today’s DJs want include precision, professionalism and perfection in one aesthetically pleasing package. The top suppliers like Pioneer and Denon have been keeping strong for years now, but one company that can’t be neglected is Numark. Numark’s V7 DJ controller is the controller for the modern DJ, as it incorporates all of the above including sweet audio quality. If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is check out the features.
How does the controller feel in comparison to other top of the line DJ controllers? To be honest, the V7 should feel a helluva lot better. The V7 has settings (both classic and modern) that can be adjusted to fit the working DJ’s preference. As Numark designed this controller, they said, “forget simulations” and made everything real. They teamed it with a high-torque (100% aluminum) platter, and a seven inch purely vinyl record that sits on a real slipmat.
The moment your fingers graze the contours of the V7, you’ll notice one thing you probably wouldn’t have expected from Numark’s DJ gear: a rugged exterior. Its metal casing and high quality rubberized knobs and buttons does exactly what Numark says it’ll do: prepares it for the “tortures of travel”.
Needless to say, the quality of build is a pleasant surprise. No disrespect to Numark, but DJs have complained about the strength of their products, and with good reason. It hasn’t always been at the top of its game in that department, but I ask: how else will Numark make its prices so low? Numark’s V7 DJ controller provides the spartan feel working DJs want, but with a price they’ll probably dislike.
When Numark designed the V7, they did so creatively. No surprise, right? Here’s a good example: Every DJ loves the idea of dropping their needle on a record to immediately find their spot on a track. Who wouldn’t love that kind of convenience? Numark made it better. They created Strip Search, a virtual needle drop-touch strip, where working DJs can locate any point on the track by using the on screen waveform and Strip Search.
 Another of Numark’s creative developments on the V7 is their extensive loop control section for remix capabilities. While an automatic BPM analyzer is assists loop makers, you can choose between manual and autoloop functions. You can make as many modifications as you please with the V7’s multitude of controls.
To conclude what makes the V7 so great are two important features. Audio quality and software integration. Numark paid special attention to the audio quality of this DJ product. The V7 has:
  • Professional audio connectors
  • Multi-channel 24 bit USB digital audio interface
  • High definition post mix analogue audio output (featuring a minimized circuit path, ensuring that audio is “tight and punchy”)

 The V7 can work with just about any MIDI software, and supports iTunes, but it comes packaged with Serato ITCH software. It’s good if working DJs already use Scratch Live because Itch builds on Live, adding new features and functions. And any of your Scratch Live crates, loops, cue points and presets can be loaded, seamlessly I should add, onto Serato Itch.

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  1. And another advantage vs the ns7 is that you can use your own mixer :)