McDonald’s Flavor Battle DJ competition

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McDonald’s gets into the popular DJ experience with Flavor Battle

McDonald’s is not the first name you’d think about when talking anything DJ related. Whatever it is, DJ equipment, working DJs, DJ gigs or DJ contests, McDonald’s has been somewhere at the bottom of the list, if on the list at all. That time is over now, as even the fast food giant gets involved into the DJ world by organizing the Flavor Battle DJ competition, highly related of course, to their main thing, burgers and fast food.

I’m not here to talk about McDonald’s fast food and the way it shapes a body (and man, can it shape it…), I’ll just say I can’t quite remember the last time I ate a burger or anything in one of their fast food joint, spread over the face of the Earth like mushrooms. However, maybe that’s also why I’m not in their Flavor Battle DJ competition either. Well, actually, except for three selected working DJs, any of you guys will be in Flavor Battle. See, while I understand by DJ competition a contest where you put DJs against each other for prizes, McDonald’s understands it like when you pick a DJ, label it the poster boy (or girl) for one of your products and have them battle it out for the fans.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, and furthermore, the fans themselves can get some prizes too, which is a nice thing, and the only thing making the Flavor Battle worth mentioning. So if you have an interest in DJ-ing or good music then you might be interested in McDonald’s Flavor Battle. If you’re eating out at McDonald’s, by all means check out for details.

McDonald's Flavor Battle DJ competition w/ DJ Spinderella, Michael Cox and DJ Irie

I forgot to mention, that’s where all the action is going on, at The Flavor Battle DJ competition started just on September 7th and will last until November 22nd, so there’s plenty of time for consumers to vote for the DJs’ old school, new school and R&B mixes at the web site, and a chance to win big prizes.Here’s how the whole thing will look:

  • Los Angeles-based DJ Spinderella, of legendary 80′s hip-hop fame, represents the Big Mac
  • Bryan Michael Cox, a Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer out of Houston and Atlanta, represents the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  • Miami-based DJ Irie, the only official DJ for the pro-basketball team Miami Heat and the official DJ for actor and R&B artist Jamie Foxx, represents the newest burger, the Angus Third Pounder

So it’s all between DJ Spinderella, Michael Cox and DJ Irie from Miami, in the attempt to decide the best of the three types of burgers. The voters can enter at and cast their decision in the Flavor Battle for a chance to win some nice prizes, including a trip to Atlanta for the Sprite Step Off National Finals in January 2010 (also a competition organized by McDonald’s).

Here’s what Rob Jackson, McDonald’s director of U.S. marketing, has to say about Flavor Battle: "The McDonald’s Flavor Battle is all about energy and excitement and recognizing the creativity of one of this country’s underappreciated art forms – the DJ experience, …The great thing is that we also get to reward consumers with both a fun online and college-based experience."

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