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Get complete control over your DJ speakers with the WPR26 switcher

It’s been a while since I last checked in with Wharfedale Pro and their DJ products, so I figured it’s time to hand them over another DJ equipment review, even if just because they’re so well known for their audio products in Britain. That’s not going to stay  this way though, as Wharfedale Pro is trying and succeeding to attract some foreign working DJ interests with the quality and performance of their DJ products. What’s good for the British DJs must be worth something to the working DJs worldwide, right? Right, only this time I’m picking a rather strange DJ product to use in your gigs…the WPR26 switcher.

Before we get into the WPR26 switcher from Wharfedale Pro, there’s not a lot I can compare it to or even send you back for a little referencing, but by all means, feel free to check my previous posts on other Wharfedale Pro DJ equipment reviews, they’re sure to give good background of the company. For instance, my latest one was their legendary reinvented Diamond Pro 8.1 DJ monitors.

As for the WPR26, it does what the name suggests, it helps DJs and anybody switch. Working DJs or in the case of the WPR26, DJ equipment sellers can easily switch between multiple DJ speakers and audio systems. The main idea is that anywhere you could use being able to quickly and easily switch between a bunch of loudspeakers, WPR26 is a definite possibility for you.

Wharfedale Pro WPR26 switcher w/ wireless remote control and front panel display

These switching needs can span a whole array of applications, both specific to working DJs or not. However, the use that first comes to mind for the WPR26 switcher is definitely inside a store, while demonstrating different loudspeakers performances to potential customers. The WPR26 is sophisticated enough to allow maximum of flexibility and quality, while maintaining a risk free process. Probably the most important feature if the WPR26 is the wireless IR receiver module complete with a 6 meters cable. This essentially makes the WPR26 (link to PDF brochure) a wireless remote controlled switcher which can be accessed from anywhere in a store, not having to go and manually switch to your preferred speakers.

The main characteristics of the WPR26 switcher are listed below, together with some technical specs for the working DJ and audio geeks out there:

  • the WPR26 has 2 channel stereo amplifiers that can be linked to up to 6 different pairs of DJ speakers
  • supports high power operations (3000 watts and more)
  • a wider IR receiving angle of 75 degrees
  • the IR modulation frequency is 38 kHz
  • the remote works anywhere up to a range of 15 meters, with the cable stopping at 6 meters in length

Another major plus for the WPR26 is the front panel display that lets the working DJ or audio professional know exactly what channel selection is active, again handy even in a low light environment. This might mean everything from studio recording with changes between different DJ speakers included, paging systems or test and repair facilities for the audio engineer. Whatever you use it for, the WPR26 switcher will make short work of remotely switching between your DJ speakers, allowing for great flexibility and mobility as well in the process.

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