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DJ Names

What’s in a name?

Your DJ name may not be the end all be all to your deejaying creativity, but needless to say, it sure is a way to get noticed. Ever wondered how some of the best in the business got their names? One thing is for sure; they devoted a lot of time into it, knowing that a good name properly intermixed with an original sound equals a lifetime of being remembered.

If you’re an established DJ, you probably already own a name that fits your style and your personality to a tee. If you’re a bedroom DJ, it’s not unusual to own the deejaying passion, even though you’re still scratching your brain for a good title. If you’re brainstorming for ideas, here are a few starting points:

  • Create a name that’s relative to your personality or to your own name. For example, if your name is Jack, maybe you can call yourself DJ Jacked Up, or DJ Jack the Ripper. Not the best examples, but you get the idea. If your style is techno, maybe you can call yourself DJ Technojam.
  • Ask the pros. If you like someone’s working DJ name, just ask them how they got it! What lead them to that name? Does it hold personal significance, or was it picked just because it sounded good? Personally, I find simply asking someone a question and them answering it half-assedly will lead me in the right direction.
  • Turn to a web site. That’s right; turn to the world wide web for some much needed help, especially if you’re stuck with DJ Blank and want that blank to be filled. At the web site, there’s a section devoted entirely to DJs looking for a good name. All you have to do is click "Go!!" and you’ve got a pretty sick name, like "Stunt-Master Bad".

So what exactly is in a name? A style. A personality. An original master of deejayng, maybe? For those who actually have the "perfect DJ name", what is it? And how’d you get it? Feedback is always welcomed, and I’m sure some bedroom DJ Blanks are dying to know where a good place is to begin.



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